Frequently asked questions about our IPTV CARDS free trial.

Can I have more than a 24h free trial?

The main reason for the free IPTV trial is to provide our potential new customers with the chance to discover what they can purchase. For that simple reason, providing more than 24h is unreasonable. 24h should be more than enough for anyone to decide whether something is good or not. 

Do I get all the premium channels and video on demand libraries with the free trial?

Yes, the free trial allows you to access everything that the lengthy subscriptions offer for 24h. You can watch everything that the premium services offer with a free trial. Zap through the channels and explore the video on demand libraries for movies and series you want to watch. Make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Can two devices use the same trial at the same time?

You cannot use the free trial on multiple devices at the same time. The subscriptions we have are allowed on one device at a time.

When will I get the free trial if I sent a request now?

We are quick at replying to any inquiries. Our customer service is always happy to receive your orders, including IPTV free trials. We usually provide the code that allows you to access IPTV in less than 24h. Feel free to contact us if you need to know more details.

When does the IPTV free trial start?

Once you access the code that provides the free IPTV trial the countdown starts. After 24h, the subscription ceases to work. Hopefully, by that time, you’ll have a good impression of our services. If you like more, you can purchase a budget-friendly 12-month subscription.

Which payment methods are available?

At IPTV CARDS, we accept all the mainstream credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. For more information about payment-related inquiries, please feel free to contact us.  

I’m experiencing buffering. Is it from the IPTV service?

Buffering may be a recurring issue that IPTV users experience. It’s usually a problem that is not caused by the service providers. The engineers who run the technical aspects make sure that such a thing doesn’t happen 99% of the time. Additionally, the servers that IPTV services use are designed to handle insane amounts of traffic. Therefore, facing buffering is caused by slow internet on the part of the customer.

Cause of buffering:

Buffering is often caused by poor internet. Slow internet can be a symptom of high demand for bandwidth. Other devices in your home might be using a lot of bandwidth.  

Another cause is using WIFI rather than LAN, which tends to be slower sometimes.


Connect your IPTV device to the router using a cable. Disconnect the devices that consume the internet too much. If you’re streaming from the video on demand library, pause for 15 seconds or rewind the video.

You can run an Internet Speed Test

What if I didn’t just like the subscription after the free IPTV 24h trial?

After being done with the free trial, you’re not inclined in any way to purchase the full subscription if you don’t want to.

The test was good. I would like a subscription. What should I do next?

We are very thankful that chose our IPTV CARDS. Contact us, and our customer service will confirm you get the subscription you want.

What is IPTV and how do I get it?

IPTV refers to Internet-based Protocol Television where internet is used to deliver TV programs & Videos that are either live or on demand. IPTV is a system where digital television service is delivered to the subscriber through Internet protocol technology via the medium of broadband or internet connection

What is the difference between IPTV and Internet TV?

Internet TV and IPTV have one major difference – the method in which they are broadcast. Internet TV is offered on a public domain, while IPTV is on a private network. This does mean that the content is protected and the speed might be a little faster, but that comes at a cost that many people are not willing to pay

Is IPTV better than cable?

Cable is the better choice if you have a poor internet plan, but with the right amount of bandwidth, IPTV may be the better choice. Of course, the best choice is to get the best possible internet plan

Can you get in trouble for using IPTV?

IPTV is legal worldwide as long as the services provider purchases appropriate licenses to stream that content. Illegal IPTV providers are only those that do not have licenses for their content and are thus infringing on copyright laws

Does IPTV have Netflix?

Essentially, IPTV is a formally structured subscription-based digital TV service available to consumers from ISPs. … IPTV has a lot of similarities to the OTT content streams consumers enjoy from companies like Hulu and Netflix. In both cases, the content is delivered via the Internet and streamed on demand

Does IPTV need satellite?

If you are looking to pick up TV or satellite channels and view them live through Planet eStream or use the channels as part of your digital signage displays, an IPTV streaming device will allow you to do this. The IPTV streaming device receives a digital TV signal or a satellite signal through built in tuner cards

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