Are you new to the world of IPTV and you’re interested in abandoning your old TV receptor and that overpriced cable subscription? IPTV is really good, actually a lot better than cable by all standards. But, how much does it cost? How much does IPTV cost, knowing that there are some offer free IPTV?
To give an honest answer to your question, we have dedicated this article to research about everything related to IPTV price.
So, let’s answer the most common questions about the real price of IPTV. 

First of all, it’s definitely cheaper than the old crooked cable

Ever since science and technology have graced us with the internet all over the world, the old media and broadcasting methods are dying slowly because they’re inefficient and quite limited compared to the internet. IPTV, as a product of the internet revolution, not only replaces cable and premium cards, it also offers better prices.
The affordability and humbleness of IPTV are what make it a great option for everyone who just wants to chill at home and watch stuff they want on TV.
The average bill for a cable subscription is $100 (if not more) per month. That’s how much you need to pay for two premium IPTV 12-MONTH subscriptions for the love of God. Imagine how much you can save every year. In 5 years, after switching from cable to IPTV, you’ll have enough money to start your own TV channel.
That doesn’t mean that some IPTV subscriptions aren’t too expensive. Some subscriptions can be as equally pricey as any cable subscription.
What you should do if you’re not a person who has a lot of money to spend on a TV subscription is to avoid the too much expensive IPTV subscriptions that only promise slightly better services.

IPTV Service Providers

Many IPTV service providers offer a huge variety of choices. You can find an IPTV subscription for free, and you can also find a 1-month IPTV subscription that costs $80.
How to decide which one is better for you? That’s a good question! As an average person who has a stable job, a happy family, and just wants to watch your favorite stuff on TV, any subscription that’s between $20 and $50 per year might be quite the reasonable choice.
You won’t get all the super-premium stuff that a monthly subscription for the same price offers, but who cares. As long as you enjoy watching your football, your wife enjoys her drama series, and children enjoy whatever they’re watching, that’s a perfect subscription.
So, pick the IPTV service provider that suits you better as a person.

IPTV Packages

Almost all the IPTV providers offer different packages for different prices. Sometimes, they encourage you to buy a 12-month package for a discount. Instead of paying $5 per month, you can buy a 12-month package for $50 or less. That’s actually a great deal if you ever stumble upon one.

What are IPTV Free Trials?

Here’s something you should be looking for when you’re shopping for IPTV: FREE TRIALS!! A free trial will help you more than anything else determining which IPTV service you should use.
That’s because you can see if the price the service asks for is worth the quality they promise. Also, it helps you decide if an overpriced service is actually different from one that has a competitive price.
Free IPTV trials are also what sets credible and reliable IPTV providers from scammers. An IPTV subscriptions provider that gives free trials is showing you that you can trust its services.
You should seek the IPTV providers that give free trials, usually a 24-hour free trial, which will help you decide if you purchase a subscription or not.
If you need a reliable IPTV service, check out our IPTV free trial.

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Some IPTV service providers go far beyond just giving you a free trial and actually offer the whole service for free. It might seem like a great offer at first, but you should be careful. When you’re not paying for the product, it usually means YOU ARE the product.
How is that possible? You might ask. The answer is easy. Everyone has to find a way to make money. The free services need to make money somehow. The way they do that is by selling your data. You should be careful about that.
That comes as very annoying once you start getting hundreds of ads and annoying things. Besides, free IPTV is highly unreliable and can stop at any given moment.

Generally, the cost for IPTV is a lot lower than that of cable. The affordability of IPTV is what makes it so appealing to people.
You should expect to pay no more than $50 per year for an average IPTV package. Some services cost more, but they come with extra features.
You should also always consider free IPTV trials before you purchase a lengthy subscription.
Learn more here: IPTV FAQs
If you have any questions about IPTV subscriptions, free trials, and more, please feel free to Contact us. We are available by email, chat, and calls.
Do an INTERNET SPEED CHECK to see if your internet is good to handle IPTV. If you have less than 5mbs, you might face some problems.

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