Smart IPTV Premium subscription

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Smart IPTV premium subscription offers:

  • Instant delivery in a few hours (2 hours max)
  • 40,000 channels from all over the world and 6,000 VOD of worldwide movies and TV series (including USA,Europe, UK, Arabic Country’s, Asian Country’s).
  • Best support and client service in the Market
  • Full support of activation no matter the device type.
  • The best servers for IPTV. HQ streams and NO BUFFERING.

Smart IPTV premium subscription is a service that grants access to thousands of worldwide live TV channels and a library of videos on demand that has the hottest movies and series!!

Along with those two, Smart IPTV Premium Subscription offers time-shift live TV that allows you to watch everything you miss.

The high quality of the Smart IPTV Premium Subscription is always an advantage.

If you’re a football fan who wants to follow the seasons, Smart IPTV Premium Subscription is recommended for you. You’ll enjoy the excitement of the European seasons very well with the 12-month subscription.

Smart IPTV Premium Subscription has everything for the whole family. Each of the family members can find something to watch.

There’s a huge number of channels from all over the world that broadcast everything you want to watch.

And the video on demand library offers the hottest movies and TV series for people who like binge-watching.

IPTV CARDS is very proud to offer Smart IPTV Premium to you.

Smart IPTV Premium Smart TVs

When it comes to the overall audiovisual experience, Smart TVs are the best devices to use for the Smart IPTV Premium subscription.

If you want to access your Smart IPTV Premium Subscription from a Smart TV, please feel free to contact us. Our support team usually answers very quickly.

Smart IPTV Premium App for android

The Smart IPTV Premium app is available for all the latest Android OS devices. Android Boxes are perfect for Smart IPTV Premium because they handle the high quality of the streams well. You can download the app quickly from Play Store.

Once you download the app, you’ll need to enter the data we provide you with after you purchase the Smart IPTV Premium subscription.

Internet requirements for the Smart IPTV Premium subscription

The Smart IPTV Premium subscription has worldwide coverage. It works in most of the world. As long as have access to fast internet, you may enjoy your Smart IPTV Premium subscription.

For the subscription to work efficiently, the minimum requirements of internet speed must meet 4Mbs/s.

Make sure that your internet speed isn’t an obstacle that keeps the subscription from working at its full potential. Also, check if the other devices at home are using bandwidth a lot.

Also, if you’re connecting your device with WIFI, we highly recommend that you use the LAN cable instead.

Here’s a website that allows you to do internet speed checks.

Smart IPTV Premium FAQ

Where can I find m3u links or codes for Smart IPTV Premium?

You receive all you need once you purchase the subscription. The M3U links and other relevant info are included with the Smart IPTV Premium subscription. Check out the free trial.

The channels aren’t loading?

You’ll have to check some things first to be sure everything is working right:

  • Make sure that the M3u link is active on your PC by using VLC player on your PC to check them.
  • Make sure that the App is activated.
  • Reboot the router for it to refresh the DNS.
  • Reset Smart IPTV Premium and enter the link again.

Will I receive any devices with the subscription?

The Smart IPTV Premium subscription doesn’t come with any attached devices nor hardware. The subscription only gives access to IPTV services.

Are there refunds?

we do have a 24h FREE IPTV TRIAL, it is best to try the trial test before you buy any of our services. however, if you did purchase any of our subscriptions and for any reason the ID we provide you didn't work, you may contact us for a complete refund. our support team will verifier your case and refund you as soon as we prove that your id is not working.

How many devices can work with one subscription?

For each subscription, you’re allowed to have a single device. Make sure to use the subscription using each device at a time.

Will be there any potential problems?

The servers Smart IPTV Premium uses are very reliable and work efficiently to handle insane amounts of traffic. However, from time to time, updates may take place that might render the service unavailable for a few moments, nothing permanent.

– Tech support is available 24/7 for free during the 12-month subscription period of Smart IPTV Premium.

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3 reviews for Smart IPTV Premium subscription

  1. Afshin (verified owner)

    When I first ordered my first package from you, it was with great skepticism.
    You were prompt, tirelessly helpful, confident and very kind. This is what I call a unique service I have not encountered anywhere else.
    Now I have bought my 3rd package and it will not be the last.
    I recommend you to friends and acquaintances, as well as anyone who wants a stable and fast iptv.
    Not least a superb service. Good work and product.

  2. Ray

    Great service. Needed help and I emailed them and I was able to talk to a person over the phone. I recommend this service

  3. Jedsenged

    thank you

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